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O R E L    R e g i o n a l
 K e n n e l    C l u b

Is the largest club on decorative breeds in the Oryol (Russia)
 The member of National clubs of breeds:
the French bulldog
, Afgan, the Chow-chow and other breeds
is a part of the Russian Cynology Federation (Moscow), being member FCI.

In Orel Regional Kennel Club:

For  you:
  sections on all breeds where the qualified experts will assist in acquisition and a choice of a puppy of favourite breed
  consultations concerning cultivation and education
  Selection of pairs for crossing in the Oryol and other cities

We offer:
  the information under standard documents RKF
  the full information on all spent exhibitions in system RKF and FCI
  thoroughbred cultivation of dogs with registration of all necessary documents in RKF
  exchange puppies cards on pedigree RKF, an export pedigree 
  registration of certificates in system RKF
  video data and the literature on dog breeding (under the order)
  skilled hairdressers (a hairstyle and grooming)
  courses handling (preparation of dogs for exhibitions)

The Orel Regional Kennel Club
bears responsibility for reliability
of all given out documents,
guarantees a thoroughbred livestock.

We are always glad to see you !!! 

The chief RKC,

Zvyagintsev Alexander


+7 (4862) 72-13-70


+7 910 747 27 39